Digital Lenses

Increases image clarity and field of vision by 10%!

These lenses are now surfaced by a computer-aided device and diamond-tip tool. This manufacturing process increases precision which optimizes more points on the lens for enhanced vision. Compared with classic lens designs which were made with an optical lathe in a mechanical and general way, this new process allows for better customization and superior clarity.

Digital lenses are designed classically with computer-optimized precision.


High Definition Lenses

Visual performance increased by 30%! Adapts quickly with wider peripheral vision!

The latest generation of lenses on the market use new computer technology that completely alters the way the prescription is placed on the lens. Digitally manufactured high definition lenses are the latest in lens design; completely revamped and improved

A wide range of opthalmic lenses

Choose from our vast selection of prescription lenses in compliance with CSA Z94.3 standard. As such, all our lenses are permanently stamped with our manufacturer’s logo. Securo Vision offers a wide range of prescription lenses produced by the world’s leading lens manufacturers. We are therefore able to provide lenses for all types of corrections.

Here is how to improve your employees’ visual performance!


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